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RED BEARD by Tanju Babacan
Knowing that you are important is a strong feeling. It charges you with self-confidence which brings much more to your existence. We believe that also your wardrobe deserves to be spoiled a little bit more than the daily style stuffs in it. So; our unique design philosophy and high quality tailoring is ready to make it happen.
Alışverişe Başla
‘’As an artist and fashion designer, I always inspired by our surroundings… For 30 years I worked with lots of celebrities for lots of projects. Couture design and tailoring have been my primary concerns, always… I dived in to deep details of garments and light along my design processes. Now I’m bringing that attention on ready-to-wear by RED BEARD. I believe fast couture is the right style for Generation Y’ers.’’ - Tanju Babacan
Defileleri Gör
A casual look may be the one style everybody desire. But does it have to be effortless? Or slipshod? Or extremely minimalist? Or cheap? We think it's not! We will stand to create rich handcrafted products you feel extremely comfortable and casual in them.
Satın Al
Wearing clothes is simply nothing. Having a style is mostly passion. What about the personality? Can you wear it like a cloth? Can you design and handcraft it like years do? We do fashion; Easy! Our passion is a fashion style with; PERSONALITY...